Monday, July 9, 2012

Total Renewal Approach from Personal Trainer Los Angeles

Monika Tarkowska-Carter, personal trainer in Los Angeles, CA, owner of Fitness Science, Inc describes her philosophy.
There is more to health than the absence of disease!
Some components of health:
*Energy: do you have enough energy?
*Healthy eating: Are you eating healthy but not eating for weight loss? Is your diet right for you?
*Optimal weight
*Detoxification: Are you struggling to lose weight because of toxins in your body?
*Stress: Stress affects your ability to lose weight.
People are not the same. One of the biggest sins of the nutrition industry today is that we treat everyone as if they were the same.  Monika looks at a person's biochemical individuality through extensive questionnaires to develop the right approach for them.
This holistic approach to fitness, nutrition, and weight loss will look at all aspects of your life and health for total renewal.

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